Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who are you going to trust in?

It has been a while since I have posted, and a lot has happened since that time. I thought I would take awhile to digest the things happening here in the U.S. and around the world. Well enough digesting because truthfully it is starting to make me sick.

We have a new president....that's good, right? Sure. Lets see how much things change with a new boss. Was it the Who that had the great line, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"? Ah yes, musicians most certainly have a better grasp on reality then those in our government and much of our media today. So let me ask you a question, and please answer truthfully. Do you really think that any politician in Washington D.C. really gives a hoot what the common man and woman has to say, or about the daily struggles we face each day? If you said yes, I have one thing to say....Wake the hell up.

As much as I want to believe that there might be someone in government that might be able to change things and help the direction the U.S. is heading, I truly believe there is no one. When was the last time the government did something right? I am not talking about Democrat or Republican, to me they are all the same these days. The lobbiest control D.C., greed and the addiction to power runs our government and politicians. Arrogance, and the need to manipulate people has ruined the very foundation that our government was founded upon. The politicians are drunk with power, thinking they know best for all of us. Well they don't know crap. They can't manage a damn thing and they will not fix anything they have screwed up through their own greed! They spend more of our money without accountability, they draft new laws that restrict our freedoms, and then say it is for our own good. They will take away our freedom of speech and right to own guns, they will continue to tell us how to live our lives and push their lies on us.

Many will follow like lost little puppies believing and trusting in anything the leaders of OUR country will say. We will put our hope in another man that has his own political agenda or is being spoon fed the agenda of the political elite of this country that have an
insatiable need for power and control. We will continue to fail as a nation because we have lost our sense of faith, pride and personal identity. We rely on government instead of ourselves. We will look to man as our hope instead of the one and only true hope, Jesus Christ.

Who are you going to believe? Our politicians? Our corrupt leaders? Well if that is what helps you sleep good at night, good luck.

Personally I will believe and I will rest in Jesus Christ. He offers me more than any politician ever has and ever will. He came to offer life, and eternal salvation, gave himself to forgive my sins. He has opened my eyes to the true meaning and purpose of my life.

Want to know what your purpose is? Need help with the problems and worries that you have in your life? Just ask him, you might be surprised how you life might change for the good.

There will be those who laugh and scoff at my thoughts, but I understand. I was once lost, but by the grace of God I have been given understanding and piece of mind in my Saviour. So go ahead and put your trust in your politicians and new President....let me know how far that gets you.

In the end I will not worry. I will look at the world and the things that happen and pray to God for his help through the hard times, and give him praise and thanks for all that he has done. I will trust in him...Jesus Christ.

God Bless and be kind.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Men shouldn't do laundry.

It's a known fact! Men shouldn't do laundry. Why you ask? Well let us start the whole color separation thing and then the water temperature options. Then there is fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and then what should and shouldn't go into the dryer. Here's a little setup to the unfolding story I am about to tell. Last Thursday my wife had a load of laundry in the washer (hers, not mine. I refuse to have my wife do my laundry. Goes back to my childhood when my father constantly was screaming to my mother, "Dolly I need socks". Well get the heck in the basement and put some in the washer! Long story, maybe later) and as the spin cycle kicked in I heard a horrendous high pitch noise coming from the washer. Now my wife who really doesn't seem to pay attention to strange noises coming from major appliances or anything in the house for that matter, didn't seem to notice anything strange about the sound. Must have been a really good show on the Do It Yourself Network, because I think the neighbors down the block heard the noise. After a few minutes of listening to the scream from the washer I went downstairs and stood there like an idiot looking at the washer, trying to figure out what is going on. Finally realizing my complete inadequacy in major appliance know how, I decided that it is going to have to finish the cycle, hoping it would not start to smoke and catch fire. As the spin cycle finished my wife and I both decided (unusual I know, that we decided on something together) that it might be better not to use the washer until we could have someone look at it. Then I got to thinkin'. Hold onto your hat. We have had this washer for 12-13 years and we do use it a lot, so maybe it would be best to get a new one. Well, we could spend a couple of hundred on more having the spin cycle transmission replaced and after that who knows how much longer it will last, or we could get a new one.

Yippy, off to the appliance stores to buy a new washer. It is strange, but I get a kick out of appliance shopping. Sad I know, a 43 year old man gets excited over buying a new washer. I also like scraping the 1/4 inch of ice we got last night off the sidewalks and driveway. Never said I was normal.
As I proceeded to the store I thought I can't go overboard. I don't need some $1,300 washer that does everything but fold the laundry. Keep it simple, water, spin, empty into dryer. Ha! That lasted about 10 seconds once I started looking at the latest and greatest in washer technology. Wow, where have I been? Steam washers, computer controlled everything, and more options then I will ever use in my lifetime. You will be proud to know that I did not go overboard this time. I did opt for the front load washer just because of the water it uses. Did you know that a top load washer uses 44-48 gallons of water per load, and a front load only uses 14-16 per load. SOLD!!!! Our water bills her in town are outrageous.

Ok, I'll get to the point. We got the washer Saturday morning and I wanted to try out our new front load as soon as possible. Plus I needed clean underwear. Crap, the delivery guy said we needed to wait 6-7 hours before using because of the water in the washer. They test each washer at the factory and water remains in the drum or something like that. Well the washer was loaded onto the delivery truck the night before, and seeing how it was about one degree again, the water was pretty frozen. Oh well, I'll wait.

It was early evening and I decided that was enough time for the ice to melt. I thought I could put a load in and then start dinner. Yes I do all the cooking. Long story. I gather my goods and place them in the washer. No there was no separating of colors. Give me some credit, I am a man. I place the laundry in the washer, close the door, add the 2 tablespoons of detergent, yes I said 2 tablespoons, another benefit of a front loader, less detergent, and I hit start. Wow, very cool. There is very little noise. This thing is great.

Blah, blah, blah, get to the point! The washer performed beautifully. After 43 minutes the cycle was done and I transferred the washed cloths to the dyer. What I forgot was that the nice new green sweater my wife got me Christmas was in the washer and she specifically told me not to place it in the dryer. It is 100% cotton and will shrink to an infants size small if place in the dryer. In my rush to get dinner done and complete my laundry I forgot, what can I say, I am a man, after all how much can something really shrink.

Dinner was fantastic and after doing the dishes (yes I do all the dishes, even longer story) I didn't feel like folding laundry. I decided to get the laundry out of the dryer the next morning.

Sunday morning, approximately 10:00 am. My lovely wife wants to try out the new washer. We go to the basement and I show her how to use the new machine, and I decided I should get my cloths out of the dryer so she can then use it after she is done with the washer.

Oops! After folding numerous t-shirts, undies and a few pairs of jeans, I reach in and grab the beautiful green sweater that I was so happy to receive as a gift just the week before. Immediately I notice something was terribly wrong. It was really, really small. As I looked up, there was Betsy looking at the very thoughtful gift she had bestowed on me, not noticing at first that it was small enough to fit Clyde our dog. I guess I should have just folded it and put it in the back of the closet, but as a man I am not that smart. All I said was "I think it shrank a bit". The disappointment on her face was enough. I folded the sweater, took my laundry upstairs and thought I had really screwed up this time. She has told me numerous times that she would wash my sweater, but I really don't want my wife doing my laundry.

After a bit of time had passed everything seemed alright. I think the moment I put the sweater on and she had a good laugh, all was well. I didn't think it fit that bad. I mean why not so off a little belly once and a while.

At the end of the day we both had a good laugh. After all it is just a sweater. There are much worse things in this life to deal with then a sweater that is a bit small. We have been blessed by God with health, a small house, hot water, food, great jobs and two hounds. So many are without so much, I feel that if people realized just how much we have here in America, and how fortunately we all our, maybe people would not expect so much. When was the last time you went without a meal or a hot shower.

I pray you all give thanks to God for all that he has done for us and continues to bless us with. I do. Yes there are times when things are tough, but overall we here in the U.S. have it pretty good.

Be kind. God Bless.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter has officially started today.

Sunday December 21st, the start of winter, well that is what the calendar says anyway.

Here's my take on the whole Dec. 21 start of winter. GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!

My day started the typical way, 5:15 a.m. the dogs decided it was time for breakfast, so like the other six days of the week they (Hank and Clyde) thought it would be fun to beat Papa upside the head and push me out of the bed, knowing once my feet hit the floor there was little chance of me ever falling back asleep. Now I don't mind getting up early when it is Spring, Summer or Fall, but Winter really tries my patience like a screaming child at the food store checkout line.

It's dark, it's cold but at least it is quiet. I fill Hank's bowl and then Clyde's. Oh yeah, I forgot I have to get the cooked chicken out of the fridge so Hank will eat her dry food. That's right, once a week I boil off two huge chicken breast and cube them up so for that week the guys have a little something special in their chow. They're spoiled, but I don't mind. Now I have to sit at the kitchen table until Hank is done eating, just to make sure Clyde doesn't eat her food. I light up a smoke, flip on the television and wait for Hank to finish, it is usually a fifteen minute dining time for Hank. She is such a lady! Oh, the weather channel, okay let's see what kind of crap weather will will have for the glorious first day of winter. Yikes, -4 degrees with -35 wind chills. This is a joke right? Not only that, as I peer out the kitchen window the slight glow of the back door light illuminates the fresh six inches of snow we had overnight. Yep, more snow. I just got done cleaning the six inches of snow from Friday.

By this time the hounds are done eating an ready to go outside to do, well you know. I open the back door and the dogs look at me like I am nuts. After a bit of coaxing they go out into the wind blown nightmare of snow, ice and drifts that are as high as my thigh. Now usually they spend sometime exploring the backyard making sure no varmints have enter their land, but not today. Within 60 seconds both came barreling to the door pleading with me to let them in. Now living in WI you have a tendency to get use to the cold, but this is brutal. A wind gust caught the screen door and rushed into the entrance way of the house and nearly knocked me down. Wooowww, it is cold. I need to warm up already.

The gratitude from the hounds is overwhelming. Now that I have fed them there loyalty and thanks has been cast aside with the allure of a warm bed. Yep, they go back to bed to snuggle under the blankets and I am now wide awake peering out the window at what I know I eventually must do. Clear the snow.

Oh Lord give me strength.

Now I don't mind cleaning the snow once and a while, I actually like in a weird way. There is something rewarding in making sure the sidewalks and driveway is clear so my wife has a clean walk path to the house and the foolish people that actually walk in this weather have a clean sidewalk to enjoy their stroll through this winter hell.

It is time to have a bit a breakfast and relax before I get bundled up to face mother natures wrath. One of my small pleasures in life is the morning time. I have my cup of earl grey tea and a couple of waffles. That is my breakfast most days, along with a banana and a rice pudding cup. Yes Clyde comes out of bed to make sure he get banana and he also gets to clean the pudding cup. Pathetic, you bet, but the joy he brings my wife and I is worth more then anything on this earth.

Here we go, long under wear is on, winter boots, heavy duty socks, two shirts, fleece, winter jacket, wool hat, pair of gloves and mittens to go over the gloves. I emerge from the warmth and safety of the house into some strange alien land. The wind is fierce and the snow blowing off the roofs is blasting the skin right off my face. This isn't that bad I think to myself, but by the time I get the snowblower out of the garage and started my fingers are already tingling from the bitter cold.

Whew who, the snowblower starts right up and I'm off. First pass down the driveway and then the wind catches the snow coming forth from the blower chute. Yep, right back into my face. Well this is nice. After only ten minutes my thumbs are numb and my face is on fire. I forgot to put the hand warmers in my mittens, arrgghhhh. I got the sidewalk and the driveway apron done and I then decided I need to get the hand warmers out of the basement. I really can't feel my thumbs anymore.

I enter the house and realize how fortunate I am to have a furnace. You betcha, heat is nice. Blessed from God again with everything I need to get through another day. As bad as things are, as far as the weather goes, we truly are fortunate to have warmth, food, each other and yes in door plumbing. How did people a hundred years ago deal with outhouses.

I get the hand warmers and proceed back outside. For some reason it doesn't feel as bad as earlier. Maybe I am just completely numb at this point. I finished the driveway with the help of my beautiful wife (she cleaned off the cars and shoveled the front steps, bless her heart) and then the plow comes through. Frickin', frack'n, crap-o-la. Sure I can curse them now, but tomorrow when I adventure out to drive the 30 miles to work I will be thanking those plow drivers. Well, I get the snow cleared and I even shovel a series of path all throughout the backyard to make it easier on the hounds to find a good spot to pee and poop. That's enough. Back inside I go not to emerge for the rest of the day.

I think I have frostbite, I'm serious. My thumbs are white on the ends and I really can't feel them. Oh well, they will warm up.

So that was my start to the first day of winter. We have a long way to go to Spring, but hopefully the weather will ease up a bit, and time will pass quickly. The next thing I now I will be posting an entry here about all the snow melt and flooding from the warm Spring weather.

All things will pass, and the season will always change, that we can count on. So as I sit back and think of the cold winter nights ahead, I realize that we should never wish time away, even during the hellish months of winter. Each day brings an opportunity to help others, and love our families and friends. Another chance to find our true purpose for our being, and for me that is understanding the reason God has place where I am am today. I do not fully understand Gods plan for my life but I know I will trust in him for he has never failed me. I have only failed myself.

So turn up the heat a notch, put on a sweater and snuggle with the hounds. Tomorrow might be a bit better or it could be worse, but I'll take what I am given, and I will always give thanks.

My God bless you and your families and provide for and keep you all safe.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He really is comfortable with himself.

This is Clyde. I mentioned Clyde in a previous post, the one about suppertime at our house, but it is time to post a little bit more about the wonder of Clyde.

As you can clearly see by the photo he is not your normal hound. First of all he is part Catahoula Leopard dog, Chihuahua and miniature Italian Greyhound. That being said, he is a whole lot more than that.

Clyde came to us going on three years from a rescue near Beaver Dam, WI called One Star Fish Rescue. Betsy and I had talked about getting a playmate for our wonderful Basset-Pointer mix Hank, that we had gotten from the Appleton, WI shelter a year previously. We wanted a bit of a smaller dog because bed space is at a minimum with one dog let alone two dogs, unless one of us wanted to have a permanent spot on the couch at night. Now some might ask why the dogs are sleeping on the bed, but I won't even bother answering such an asinine question!

One day at work I was browsing the local pet finder listings and this tiny grey and black puppy named Joey was gazing directly into my heart and soul. I printed off a photo, left work, drove down to where Betsy was working and showed her the photo of what would become our little Clyde. Now we had only briefly talked about getting another dog, but when Betsy saw the picture it was decided. We sent off an email to the rescue and that weekend Clyde was on his way to our house for a puppy adoption interview. Yes we had to be interviewed by the rescue operators and our house had to pass the dog test. We even needed references from family, friends, and our vet. I had no worries seeing how we already had Hank and we treat our dogs like our children. Oh crap...Hank. How was she going to react? Will she eat him? Will she put up with a 10 or 11 month old devil dog? Well we will find out I guess. Hank had had a litter of puppies prior to her shelters days, and she really has the sweetest disposition so I was not too worried how Hank would react.

March 14th, I think, was the glorious day that Clyde emerged from the car he had just travel an hour and half in to reach what we were hoping would be his new home. The owners thought it would be better if Hank came outside to meet Clyde first so there would be no dominant issues with the house. The moment of truth...Hank ran up to Clyde and did the typical doggy handshake (butt sniff) and Clyde returned the favor with a level of enthusiasm rarely seen in the doggy world. Now Clyde seemed a bit nervous and unsure of what was going on, after all he has had a pretty tough, short life up to this point. You could see he just wanted to have a home and not be shuffled around in a car all the time. They seemed to be doing good together, so we brought them in the house. What happened next surprised all of us. Hank took her normal spot on the couch in front of the window and Clyde jump right up next to her and layed down right on top of Hanks back. For a brief moment I thought this is it, Clyde is going to get a whomping from Hank, but Hanks mothering instincts kicked in and she embraced the little guy like he was her own puppy!

The owners proceeded to check out the house and yard to make sure it was cool, which it was, and after about an hour they decided that things were working out better then any of us had thought. The funny thing was they kept saying "it's never this easy with another dog in the house". I guess they never met Hank before. She truly is the sweetest, caring, stubborn dog you could ever meet.

For the entire day Clyde never left Hanks side. When we retired to bed that evening Hank took her normal spot between my wife and I and Clyde found his favorite spot right between my legs. To this day I have not had a good night sleep, but every night when we are all snuggled into our spots, I realized that God had placed Clyde with us to care for an enjoy for what we hope will be a very long time.

As I type out this post I have two great hounds to my left on the couch making my night a lot less lonely. Betsy is at work, the temperature outside is 3, and it is snowing again, but I have been given everything I need at the moment. Clyde and Hank.

For all those who don't get the dog thing, well I hope someday that there will be a time when a certain dog in need of a chance, a fair chance to live a good life will catch your attention and I hope that God will soften your heart and let you see what that dog can offer. With a little patience, love and time your life will changed forever. You will never be alone, you will always have someone to talk to, and if you are really lucky, you will find out more about yourself then ever before.

Betsy and I were blessed with Clyde (and Hank) and he has given us more then we could ever give him, and believe me we give him a lot. The laughter is priceless, his love for life is contagious, and if you really pay attention he has a lot to teach us all. They are not just animals, they are gifts from God that deserve kindness, attention, love and most importantly a lot of snacks!

So, I hope the photo of our little devil man has brought a moment of laughter into your life, and when you are having a bad day think about Clyde, he always brings a smile to our face.

And to think people really believe in evolution. I don't no about you, but I believe only God could have created such an amazing creature as Clyde.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Booth for two! (thanks for that one Brian)

My wife decided a while ago that a diner booth in the dining room would be a great addition and a practical piece of furniture to have since we have a relatively small house.

After much thought and having no say whatsoever on the matter I hunkered down in the workshop, did some rough sketches and measurements and began the process of buiding my darling wife her booth.

It starts out as usually, measuring, cutting, throwing away the mis-cut boards and running to the local home improvement store for more wood. Now traditionally I am not a big fan of drawing up overly details plans, but this one I thought I should have some good details to work from....wrong! Lets just start cutting and figure it out as we go. Actually I did have a great idea of what Betsy (my wife) wanted for the look of the piece. Nothing detailed or ornate, just a really clean, straight forward booth. So I built the framework for each of the three sections and then proceeded to put the finishing wood over the shell

The reason for the three sections was to make sure I could get the booth up the basement stairs and through the doorways. I learned my lesson years ago with a large kitchen shelf unit that I had to cut the entire bottom shelf off in order to get upstairs. I know...never said I was the smarter kid in the class. I didn't eat paste, but damn it look tasty.

Days had passed and I was making great progress. Betsy approved as far as she could tell (needs to see the finished product to form a conclusive opinion). Heat vent! The booth was going to cover the heat vent...oh boy. At first thought I would build a new vent system that would come out the bottom of the booth, but after much deliberation I decided to put two small heat registers on the bottom of the booth were the toe kick is. The booth would allow the hot air to pass through, seeing how the carcass was pretty open. It worked out pretty well and saved me a ton of time. I had things just about complete. The pieces lined up well, the flip up top for the benches were ready to have the hinges added and I actually was really liking what I had created.

Uh oh....paint! This is going to be painful. Betsy an I agreeing on colors is extremely rare, more rare then a purple flying unicorn. I have never seen one. Time to have a smoke and get ready to give in. She brought home paint chips and the discussion began. To dark, too light, are you nuts! After minutes of me being wrong, she decided on a deep orange. No big deal, I really do like colors.

Sanding, and more sanding, and then tacking to remove dust, then workshop cleanup and the the really fun time, the painting. Now my wife tries to compliment me on my painting skills, but I clearly see through her. She just doesn't want to paint it herself. No big deal I would rather do it myself, I mean she uses sponge brushes to paint!

First I have to start with the primer, yawn. Then the first of three coats. This is crap! Well after three coats it is finished and yes the color took us both by surprise. Not sure what the paint manufacturers do with their paint chips but the color we got was at least two shades brighter than what we expected.

Yeah, installation day. I carried the three pieces up the stairs with the help of both dogs, and clamped and screwed the three places together before moving it to its final resting place. My biggest concern was getting it level. With an old house you never now how level the floors are or how square the walls are. Once we started to slide the booth back, we were both very surprised to see that it actually fit in the space with very little shimming needed. A few L-brackets to attach to the wall, a bit of vaccuming and then the attaching of the top cushions, and what the heck do you know, we have a booth.

I proceeded to the basement to put away tools, and do a little housekeeping. I new that by the time I came upstairs the glory of my project would be short lived once Betsy started to add her decorating flare and usually overkill of knick knacks and things I just don't get. Oh well, I just keep the lights off. If I can't see it, it must not be there. It's a pathetic life, but I have things pretty well when I truly think about.

I am amazed at the blessings and goodness that God continues to bestow upon me daily. As I sit back and take in the latest project and think about things, I realize that even when things seem really bad I have been very fortunate in life. I might not be rich in others eyes, but I have been given more wealth then I deserve. Next time you think things are bad, look might be surprised at how much you actually have, and you might want to say a little prayer of thanks. That's what gets me through life.

Be Kind, God Bless.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I hate snow.

As I flashback to last winter I soon realized over the summer I completely forgot how much I despise winter. Why do I live in Wisconsin you ask....I guess the answer is, I have no idea. Well, the wife does have something to do with that, and the family, and the job I really enjoy, but other than those few minor things I don't know. Mentally unstable could be the main reason!

Last winter we had a record breaking year for snow. The photo was taken last year at the end of January. Basically we ran out of room to put the snow. The ice damns on the house almost reached the ground and to follow that up we had thunderstorms in January that completely saturated the ground, which made for an interesting spring once all the snow melted. The backyard had six inches of standing water, the sump pump ran constantly and I started to build an ark. What the heck I already had the two dogs, and goldfish, I figured it was a good start.

Where an I going with this. Well I'll tell you.

As the fall passed, and the first signs of the new winter season approached I thought to myself, "well it can't be much worse than last year". IDIOT. It is only Dec. 3 and we are already five inches above average for snowfall. Now I don't mind snow every now and then, but every other day is really getting old. Oh yeah, then the cold. Only suppose to be 18 degrees tomorrow! But that is okay it should warm up to 30 on Saturday, with more snow! Then more snow Monday, and Wednesdays. Oh well, what's a guy suppose to do. I'll just pretend I am somewhere warm.

The good news is that with each day that passes it brings us closer to the torrential rains and tornados of spring. Once we get passed that we get a really beautiful two weeks of summer here in Wisconsin. I know, it isn't that bad, but winter is a really long season. It does give me time to get some great projects done around the house and spend some quiet time reading and studying the bible which I do enjoy.

I have my wife, my two hound dogs and a lot to be thankful for. Still doesn't mean I wish I lived somewhere warm!

So in a few weeks we have Christmas and then the new year. The long months of January and February will inevitably pass by and then one beautiful day the smell of spring will be in the air, and the tulip and crocus bulbs will awaken from their winter sleep and spring forth the beautifulness of the flowers and brighten our lives once again, reminding us why the long winters serve a purpose. But I still don't have to like winter.

As long as God continues to bless my family, friends and myself, it can snow all it wants.

Be kind, God Bless

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Suppertime with Hank and Clyde

Well, this is my first post so I thought I would keep it simple. Each night as I prepare the nightly good eats, I am reminded how fortunate I am to have been blessed with much in this life, with two of the greatest blessings being Hank and Clyde my two hound dogs. It is a simple relationship, they eat what ever we do, sleep wherever we do, and pretty much rule the house (with certain limitations I can't remember at this time).

Hank, the big white one (Basset, Pointer mix) is a bit more subtle in her ways then Clyde. Clyde, the little black and grey one (Catahoula Leopard Dog and
Chihuahua) is the devil. Actually he is just too smart for his own good, but he is very sweet.

As the photo shows, dinner time includes the two of them always. If the food is not that interesting, Hank will retire to the living room to keep an eye on the outdoor activities always alerting us if something is a stir. Clyde on the other hand will stay glued to the kitchen until every morsel of food that could possibly fall on the floor or be handed to him is gone. Yes I know, I created the monster.

The funny
thing (to me anyway) about this photo is that Hank is on the table foot rest, not Clyde. I built the table a couple of years ago and traditionally it has been Clyde's perch during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Apparently this evening the provolone and buffalo burger was just too much for Hank. Needing to get closer to the source of her epicurean delight she push her way onto Clyde's perch, and yes it is a tight fit. Well, she received her bounty and after a full belly the food was gone and she went to recline on the couch to leave me with the dishes. Now Clyde always sticks behind to help me clean up. He is great at cleaning the floors.

So as I wrapped up the nightly rituals I realized how lucky I am to have been given these two characters that always remind me to not take things too serious. God has blessed my wife and I with two wonderful, food loving, bed hogging, face licking hound doggies that deserve more than I can give.

They were shelter dogs that by the grace of God have found a great home to spend their days growing old.

Be kind, God Bless.