Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I hate snow.

As I flashback to last winter I soon realized over the summer I completely forgot how much I despise winter. Why do I live in Wisconsin you ask....I guess the answer is, I have no idea. Well, the wife does have something to do with that, and the family, and the job I really enjoy, but other than those few minor things I don't know. Mentally unstable could be the main reason!

Last winter we had a record breaking year for snow. The photo was taken last year at the end of January. Basically we ran out of room to put the snow. The ice damns on the house almost reached the ground and to follow that up we had thunderstorms in January that completely saturated the ground, which made for an interesting spring once all the snow melted. The backyard had six inches of standing water, the sump pump ran constantly and I started to build an ark. What the heck I already had the two dogs, and goldfish, I figured it was a good start.

Where an I going with this. Well I'll tell you.

As the fall passed, and the first signs of the new winter season approached I thought to myself, "well it can't be much worse than last year". IDIOT. It is only Dec. 3 and we are already five inches above average for snowfall. Now I don't mind snow every now and then, but every other day is really getting old. Oh yeah, then the cold. Only suppose to be 18 degrees tomorrow! But that is okay it should warm up to 30 on Saturday, with more snow! Then more snow Monday, and Wednesdays. Oh well, what's a guy suppose to do. I'll just pretend I am somewhere warm.

The good news is that with each day that passes it brings us closer to the torrential rains and tornados of spring. Once we get passed that we get a really beautiful two weeks of summer here in Wisconsin. I know, it isn't that bad, but winter is a really long season. It does give me time to get some great projects done around the house and spend some quiet time reading and studying the bible which I do enjoy.

I have my wife, my two hound dogs and a lot to be thankful for. Still doesn't mean I wish I lived somewhere warm!

So in a few weeks we have Christmas and then the new year. The long months of January and February will inevitably pass by and then one beautiful day the smell of spring will be in the air, and the tulip and crocus bulbs will awaken from their winter sleep and spring forth the beautifulness of the flowers and brighten our lives once again, reminding us why the long winters serve a purpose. But I still don't have to like winter.

As long as God continues to bless my family, friends and myself, it can snow all it wants.

Be kind, God Bless

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  1. You sound like a man who could use a little Hawaii time. ...if you only knew someone who had a place there that you could stay....or a sister who knows the islands like the back of her hand, and would selflessly agree to meet you in PARADISE to show you around for a few days...